A SUPERIOR Way to Get Leaner, FASTER No Matter What Your Current Age...

"2-Minute Shortcut DOUBLES Your Rate Of Fat Burning EVERY Time You Exercise (with NO extra time required!)

By Shaun Hadsall
Exercise Technologist & Best Selling Author

What if you could burn tons more body fat without tacking any extra time onto your current workouts?

What if you could use a shortcut to burn fat FASTER, get stronger, and get leaner—all while increasing your cardiovascular and heart health in as little as 2 minutes?

Well, science and research indicates you CAN.

Introducing: The Fat-Burning Shortcut Solution

A new exercise trick that doubles your fat loss EVERY time you exercise with NO extra time required.

For well over 20 years now, physique competitors, fitness models, and athletes from all over the world have been using high intensity interval training (i.e. HIIT) with weight training to achieve superior leanness and increased performance.

And no matter what your age, gender, or current condition is, right now you can use both of these proven strategies at the same time as a lethal combination to take your metabolism and fat loss to whole new level (without ANY "bulk").

Please beware: most personal trainers and exercise experts will NEVER tell you to use what's recommended below because they are still using outdated and inefficient training methods. They have been misled into thinking this strategy is "off limits" because you'll supposedly lose strength and burn up muscle.

But as you'll soon discover, there are several studies below showing the exact opposite is true. There is a better way. A 2 minute shortcut you can use starting today that will increase your fat burning, while building lean muscle at the SAME time—WITHOUT tacking extra time onto your workout.

The 2 Minute Fat Burning Shortcut below will show you a SUPERIOR way to burn fat FASTER, get stronger, get leaner, and look younger—all while increasing your heart health EVERY time you exercise…

Fat Burning Shortcut Minute #1:

Feel The Burn
(stimulate lactate)

Ever felt that burning sensation in your muscles when you lift weights?

This is a key indicator that you're stimulating lactate (aka - lactic acid), a shortcut to helping you release more growth hormone, which can accelerate your fat loss and calorie burning.

Lactic Acid sends a powerful signal to your body to build more energy-producing mitochondria (your “gate keeper” to releasing fat cells to be burned off) and release MORE fat-burning hormones like HGH (women) and testosterone (men).[6] [7]

How do you automatically stimulate lactate?

Simple: perform your resistance training sets with 20 repetitions or higher, and make sure you “feel the burn” by the time you hit 20 reps. If you don’t feel the burning sensation in your muscles, keep going until you do.

It’s super easy. If you select a weight that’s too heavy on an exercise and can’t make it to 20 repetitions, just quickly change to a lighter weight, and continue the SAME exercise until you hit at least 20 reps of a chosen body part.

This type of high rep training works especially well as you get older, because you stimulate more collagen production [1], increase tendon strength [2], all while being MUCH easier on your joints.

As soon as you finish your set of 20 reps or more, and you "feel the burn", the first minute of your fat burning shortcut is completed. Your body is now PRIMED to release more fat burning growth hormone. But it only works if you use it in combination with fat burning shortcut minute #2 below…

Fat Burning Shortcut Minute #2:

Results Accelerator
(increase oxygen and blood flow)

As soon as you complete your high rep set you'll immediately move to 30-60 second cardio exercise burst with as little rest as possible in between to increase oxygen and blood flow to all your working muscles.

So unlike traditional weight training or trendy bodyweight workouts, where you stand around resting between sets wasting time, your rest period now becomes a fat burning results accelerator.

Normally this is considered a to be a SIN in the fitness and weight loss world, because most fitness professionals have been programmed to believe you'll lose strength and burn up precious muscle. That's why you'll hardly ever hear personal trainers or bodybuilders recommending the Fat Burning Shortcut Solution.

But the science and real world results says otherwise.

STUDY #1Research from W. Jackson Davis and colleagues at the University of California at Santa Cruz, and the University of California at Berkley, looked at this issue in a September 2008 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research[3].

They compared the results of 28 women divided into two groups. Group one worked out with weights followed by cardiovascular exercise on a treadmill. The second group did an equal volume of weight training and equal amounts of cardiovascular exercise… only this time they used the Fat-Burning Shortcut Solution with the cardiovascular exercise wedged in-between sets of weight lifting.

After 11 weeks, the Fat-Burning Shortcut Solution group made significantly MORE progress in all areas:

Pretty incredible: nearly a ten-fold greater loss in fat AND they gained muscle at the SAME time. This is normally considered impossible.

STUDY #2Another study titled, "The exercise-induced growth hormone response in athletes" (EIGR), indicates as little as 10 minutes of the Fat Burning Shortcut Solution can increase growth hormone secretion for up to 24 hours[4].  

STUDY #3Research also shows this approach decreases the feeling of soreness from exercise, known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), by speeding up recovery and repair [5]. This may explain why exercisers using this approach were able to gain more muscle mass, as well as burn significantly more fat.

Conversely, long duration endurance training does the exact opposite. It has been shown to age you FASTER, while blunting growth hormone secretion [4].   

But when you use the Fat-Burning Shortcut Solution, you keep your heart working and pumping out more blood, which means more blood flow and oxygen to your working muscles.

When you deliver more nutrients to your muscles, you enhance their ability to generate energy because you'll have more muscular endurance from the increased oxygen and blood flow.


As you can clearly see: with the Fat Burning Shortcut your normal workout can easily be transformed into a hybrid of resistance training combined with interval based cardio, which is proven to be a LETHAL combination that will take your fat burning to the next level.

Even if you're older or new to exercising, any man or woman of any age can use this simple approach.

That's why I created the Fat Burning Shortcut Solution handbook. It's a superior method for ANYBODY to achieve FASTER fat loss in as little as 10 minutes.

Faster results in LESS time. That's my motto. I have a lot going on in my life just like you do, so I can't be wasting time. That's why the Fat Burning Shortcut Solution will fit so perfectly into your lifestyle. You can literally cut your exercise time in HALF, while dramatically increasing your results.



Of course, this shortcut is only HALF the equation. If you don't have your nutrition in line, it will just be nothing but a
WASTE of your time and effort.

But if you understand how to strategically manipulate your carb intake using my proprietary nutrition formula called the
4 Cycle Solution
on the Next Page, you can literally TRIPLE your fat loss using the Fat Burning Shortcut.

You'll also see how you can get a FREE copy of the Fat Burning Shortcut Solution Guide with detailed instructions, along with 20+ exercises you can use to put this SUPERIOR method of fat burning to work on your body starting today—in as little as TWO minutes.

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